The Unique Series consists of perfectly round shapes that are each manipulated by the makers thumb pressing into the clay.
This impression of the thumb is not only a key feature in the design, it also shapes each item in an unique way during the firing process, making each shape unique.

Unique Bowl Small - Grey Green

  • Material:
    Stained Porcelain

    20 ⌀  x 10 cm

    Dish washer safe: Yes
    Microwave safe : Yes

  • The Unique Series items are handmade products. Although the products are made with the greatest care it can occur:

    The items unglazed outside have small imperfections as sponge marks and small scratches due to the intensive handling of each product during the making process.

    Color variations in the clay body itself from the pouring of the colored slip and the ammount of stain that is used to color the slip. Color variation can also occur between the items in the same color range due to its position in the kiln.